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Welcome to Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama, Sarisha

An Institution that received recognition by the Ramakrishna Mission Belur Math, Howrah headquarters in 1921 was destined to play a significant role in the development and empowerment in educational sphere. The Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama Sarisha, which is about 28 km. south of Kolkata on the Kolkata – Diamond Harbour Road.

Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama, Sarisha is one of the branch centre of the Ramakrishna Mission Belur Math, Howrah.

Started in 1917 as a meeting place for religious minded people and centre for serving, distributing help to the needy. It was almost defunct in 1920 after the death of Chief Organiser, Nalini Ranjan Mazumdar. It was revived and put on a working basis with the advent of Swami Ganeshananda on the scene. He felt the urge of serving the rural backward women in the midst of rural masses. His ardent desire materialized only when he receive the blessing of his Guru Most Revered Swami Brahmanandaji, the direct disciple of SriRamakrishna and first president of Ramakrishna Math and Ramakrishna Mission by the grace of Swami Brahmanandaji and other direct disciples the Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama Sarisha began its journey on December 25, 1921 as a branch centre of Ramakrishna Mission. Swami Ganeshananda's boldness was shown at its best when he stood up against all rural prejudices to start a school for girls and arrange for their education on the most modern lines, including physical exercise, and open air activities which were unthinkable for girls of that period, particularly in a rural area.


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