Educational Activities

Ashrama started its activities with education– the education that helps us to discover and live by, our primary identity and personality. Institutes have been established for catering inspiration of great men to the students and guidance for character building to the community through the students. The energy of such creative ferment heightens the true education and character building for the society and raising the national property.

The educational Institutes attaining popularity due to sustained efforts of the monks, teachers and honorary workers. Institutes expand their activities and number of institutions and students are rising with time and course.

Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama, Sarisha have 2 Teachers' Training Colleges (Diploma in Elementary Education) for girls Primary Teachers' Training Institute Unit-I and Primary Teachers' Training Institute Unit-II with 200 regular students and 300 (ODL) students. The students with minimum qualification of ten plus two (10 + 2) admitted for two years according to rank in the final Higher Secondary Examination. The Primary Teachers' Training Institute Unit-I started in 1950 as a training centre for Nimna Buniadi (Lower Primary) Teachers' Training Institute. The Primary Teachers' Training Institute Unit-II started in 1964 as Upper Primary (Uchho Buniadi) Teachers' Training Institute. Now both the PTTI Units are partially residential approved by the NCTE and sponsored by Govt. of West Bengal. Both the Institutions have high reputation and usually girls students admitted with 80% and above marks in H.S.



Boys' Higher Secondary School
The Boys' School named Sarisha Ramakrishna Mission Sikshamandir gradually upgraded from Lower Primary School of 1923 to XII standard with science and arts faculties. A good number of students nearly 1100 are presently studying in boys' school. The boys' school has high concentration of (more than 40%) SC and OBC students.  It is a school of repute of the Sub-Division. School has both residential students and day scholars. Students of this school ranked number of times within 1 to 10th position in the state level examination.



Girls' Madhyamik School 
Ashrama's Girls' Madhyamik School–  Sarisha Ramakrishna Mission Saradamandir Madhyamik School has been initiated since  inception of the Ashrama as a Lower Primary School for girls and got government recognition in 1927. It is situated in a separate campus of the Ashrama with luster green and nice lake. It is well reputed and well-disciplined girls' school of the district. Nearly 900 girls' students studied up to Madhyamik (Xth) standard by the guidance of loving teachers and participated in different extra-curricular activities. The school has day scholars and residential students also.



Primary Schools  
Sarisha Mission Runs Nursery Schools for more than 60 years. Now these schools are by turn converted to Government Aided Primary Schools named Sarisha Ramakrishna Mission Nimna Buniadi Vidyalaya Unit-I, Unit-II, Unit-III and Unit-IV. Inside the campus these 4 nos. Primary Schools are covering two campuses with colourful small children.  There are more than 800 students both boys and girls studied from Pre-Primary to Class-IV standard.  Students are enjoying the green Ashrama campus with large playground. 



Boys' Hostel 
Boys' Hostel i.e. Sarisha Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama CHHATRABAS : Sarisha Mission has a Boys' Hostel popularly known as Chhatrabas.
The Chhatrabas is envisioned in the image of Indian Gurukul System where, traditions and cherished values of the old and modern educational processed have been integrated. It follows the paradigm of excellence to promote the culture and tradition. The lush green nature surrounded the Chhatrabas with large open space for children to play and run through have worth mentioning speciality of the Chhatrabas. The students from different districts are admitted here for study. Many of the students have come from poor families. They are admitted in class V standard and continue till Class X. The students are nurtured with high ideals of Swami Vivekananda– Man Making And Character Building.



Girls' Hostel 
Girls' Hostel i.e. Sarisha Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama CHHATRINIBAS : It is a very exceptional institution of Ramakrishna Order. Started with three girls just after inception of the Ashrama and has been continued it for more than seven decades. Girls of near and districts are continued their studies staying in Chhatrinibas. Beyond Gurukul Education System, girls brought up with different extra-curricular activities. Special emphasis have given in games and sports. They enjoy lush green atmosphere with number of different trees flowers and playing grounds. Now girls are staying in Chhatrinibas mostly for 6 years i.e. from class V to class X to continue their education.


Educational Centres for Poverty Stricken Children
The service implemented by sponsoring children of merit but reeling under poverty. Supplementary education with subject basis coaching support was provided for scholastically backward students specially girl student who are prone to leave schooling at the early stage because of poverty and various family pressure and lack of self-confidence. The main focus of this project is giving quality education, knowledge based education to the primary and secondary students from I to X-th standard. Students are coming from the families of rickshaw pullers, daily wage workers, single mother, and maid servants. Project supported with supplementary education, with subject teachers, aptitude development, spoken English and basic artisan support. 

It has four programme – 
1. Vivekananda Child Empowerment Programme:– It serves poor children by the support of individual sponsorers. Children are selected by survey and primary observation in study centre. They are provided with one to one teacher-guidance, books, exercise books, uniforms and other needs.
2. Free Coaching Centre:– The guardians of very poor children who have no provision for giving educational support to their children, are enrolled in Free Coaching Centre. From class-III to class VII very poor students are supported in this free coaching centre with books and tiffin study materials etc.
3. Vivekananda Abhyudaya Prakalpa:- It is as experimental programme for class VIII, IX & X students of poor background. Those students also provided subject wise guidance of subject teachers  with free coaching,   tiffin, basic computer training etc.
4. Gadadhar Abhyudaya Prakalpa:- A Child Development Programme implemented for the extremely poor children. Children are regularly fed with nutritional food, toiletry support, health check-up and medicinal support, books and exercise books also regularly distributed among them. Basic education and cultural support also extended to the 100 children regularly. 


Vocational Education: 

Sarada Kalyan Palli Vikash Prakalkpa:– In this scheme poor and backward women of this locality are trained with different skills. The programme supported by Ramakrishna Mission Headquarters, Belur Math for skill upliftment of local women. Programme trained 100 women in three vocation– Tailoring, Poultry & Duckery Keeping and Zori, Stitching & Applique Work.

Vocational Training Centre ( SHILPAKUTIR):– Vocational Training Centre for both boys' and girls' named as 'SHILPAKUTIR'– where nearly thousand trainees trained with 18 different skills each year . Women SHG members also trained, with marketing support. They are also supported to participate in different Mela (fair), Exhibition to sale their products. WBSCL (SHG & Self Employment Department), Govt. of West Bengal and other organisations also collaborate for training.

Shilpakutir Training-cum-Production Centre:– It is the ex-trainees skill upliftment centre with promotion of market knowledge. Ex-trainees are engaged to produce products which are marketed through Sales Counter, Mela etc. Now these units are running– (i) Food Processing with Snacks and (ii) Incense Stick Production. (iii) Bag Making & Garment Designing.

Saradamandir Shilpa Bhawan:– This centre provides vocational trainings in Garment Design and Needle Works for women only. Technical Education Department, Govt. of West Bengal supported the programme.


Library Services:

Sarisha Mission rendering useful rendering facilities to he neo-literate, students and interested rural readers by running two libraries named Vivek Bharati Patha Bhawan. It has two units–
a) Sub-Divisional Library: Started in 1965 this library has been drawing the readers of all categories on a large scale. General readers from far and near and college and university students are used to enjoy the library services. Nearly 15500 books are there in the library.
b) Area Library: This library has been functioning from the beginning of the library service which was started in1953 under the integrated Library Service Scheme. Earlier it was in the shape of Mobile Library covering number of villages by volunteers. Now this library mainly serves children and school students.