Appeal  for Vivekananda Child Empowerment Fund

Swami Vivekananda’s cherished desire dream of spreading education and character building has been continuously prompted Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama, Sarisha to serve the backward and unserved children at large for last eight decades. Educational programme is the core priority sector of this institution. It had given high importance and proper emphasis for smooth running of the educational activities and institution of different level from Literacy to Nursery, Primary, Upper Primary, Secondary and Higher Secondary Schools, Teachers’ Training Colleges with required physical infrastructure. Advancement of so called compulsory schooling or say compulsory enrolment in schools  open a new horizon of backwardness in basic quality of education, knowledge and empowerment of large number of children. They enrolled in primary, upper primary enjoying multiple facilities like mid-day meal, free books, dresses etc. but till they are mentally and physically drop outs in this educational system. It further aggravated due to lack of parent awareness, ignorance, proper motivation and family budget towards education as well as absence of quality education. Contemplating the above background we create a fund under the aegis of ‘Vivekananda Child Empowerment Fund’. 

Present learning process is insufficient and incomplete to empower children properly. It requires enthusiasm, dedication and willingness to set aside the preconceived ideas, projection and personal intervention. A child always whole heartedly wants to believe his or her dreams can come true. It is up to the seniors to support this notion. So it is required to gather the emotional and mental forces to focus upon the empowering of the deserved children. The act of empowering children is a process of guiding them to feel and believe that they have power, they can achieve the goal. Our service is to create optimum conditions that mirror back them through encouragement.
The service covered by the fund is broad based. It will serve in general for the neglected poor children by ensuring quality education, basic preventive health awareness through supplementary education centers. The service implemented by sponsoring children of merit but reeling under poverty, special coaching centre provided for scholastically backward students specially girl student who are prone to leave schooling at the early stage because of various family pressure and lack of self-confidence. Depending upon the local situation, service will diversified as needed.

As it is mentioned that this Ashrama has built up the capacity to serve 3500 children annually, it also provided the studies with residential support to facilitate holistic development, installing discipline in daily life, value education etc. However there is no room for complacent with what so ever services we are rendering. There are still big segment of child population left unserved, uncared, neglected, deprived of basic amenities specially education. The Vivekananda Child Empowerment Fund focused on educational need being the core input required for development of human resources for emergence of healthy and educated society.

The VCEF (Vivekananda Child Empowerment Fund) programme serves the poor and underprivileged children of different stages. We extend this opportunity to the generous people, associations and organization to serve the backward poor children through VCEF. It is estimated that to serve one children of primary level is required Rs.20,000/-, secondary level (V- X) is Rs.30,000/-, Higher Secondary level (XI- XII) is Rs.40,000/- for non-residential student at a time. We serve them with quality education through supplementary education centers, supporting with books, Ex-books, uniforms, tuition fees and preventive health and hygiene care etc.  Residential students required additional Rs 40,000/- per year for boarding and lodging etc.

You may support one or more children. We also gladly welcome any partial support for the poor children for VCEF programme for upliftment of poor underprivileged children.