Employment Generation Activities

Training cum Production Centre:– Training cum production centres– (a) Food Processing, (b) Designed & Decorative Bag Making (c) Tailoring and Dress Making, (d) Snacks and Bhujia Preparation, provided ex-trainees to earn after training. Many ex-trainees also participated with some stipend to upgrade their skill and employability. Finished products are packed, leveled for sales through different outlet.

SHG Members Supported with Seed Money:– SHG members give special post training, follow-up marketing support to sale their commodities through our sales counter and participating in different Melas. We support them according to need by machineries, raw-materials other support and as a seed money for starting their own production.

Sales Outlet:–  Promotion of Ramakrishna Vivekananda literature is the prime activities of the Sarisha Mission with books, e-books, devotional songs, CD and other religious articles also exhibited and sales through this outlet. This outlet extended the support to the poor ex-trainees and SHG member by promotion of cottage industries products produce by them. Sales Outlet has been functioning to serve the buyers and trainees of Ashrama as well. We also participate in the International Book Fair (Kolkata Boi Mela) organized by Govt. of West Bengal.